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Gas & Oil

Murjoy has excelled in the area of Gas and Oil over the past 40 years. We have become a lead figure in contract work for Ervia, who operate the national grid in Ireland.

Our specific expertise in this area is the laying of underground gas pipelines and to date this has spanned hundreds of kilometres. We also provide expertise in the area of AGI (above ground installation) manufacturing.

These areas are located at various stages of pipelines which allow the reduction of the gas pressure.


Major Projects Completed


Project Title: Limerick Optimisation Project
Project Location(s): Limerick
Year Completed: 2014-2015
Project Description:
limerickConstruction of a 7.1km ( 300mm ) welded steel gas pipeline and three new Above Ground Installations (AGI) on the south side of Limerick City, originating at Mungret and runs in an easterly direction keeping south of the Limerick Southern Ring Road and the Ballynaclogh River, terminating at Inchmore.

The pipeline crosses a dual carriageway (N20), a national road (N69), 3 regional roads (R510,R526,R511), 4 local roads, 2 rail lines (Irish Cement, Foynes-Limerick), a river (Ballynaclogh River),

The AGI’s are located at Mungret, Inchmore and Mill Road.   They contain equipment to reduce pressure from 85bar to 4bar. The AGI at Mungret includes a hot tap onto the existing 200mm Barnakyle to Coonagh pipeline.

Project Title: Newtownfane to Haynestown Pipeline and IJ Replacement at Cappagh South AGI Project
Project Location(s): Newtownfane & Haynestown
Contract Duration:  3 months
Year Completed: 2014
Project Description:
Newtownfane-to-HaynestownCAPPAGH SOUTH IJ REPLACEMENT – The project involves the replacement of an underground 750mm Insulation Joint (IJ) at Cappagh South AGI, including Welding 3 Split Tees (Stopple, Baghole and Bypass Tees) and Vent Fittings onto the 750mm Mayo-Galway Pipeline, construction of 200mm above ground bypass pipework and stopple operations.
NEWTOWNFANE TO HAYNESTOWN PIPELINE, the fabrication and installation of 2.6km 8” Gas Pipeline, including a hot tap and construction of new AGI.


Project Title: Great Island Natural Gas Pipeline
Project Location(s): Great Island, Co. Wexford and Baunlusk & Castlebanny Co. Kilkenny
Contract Duration: 6 months
Year Completed: 2013
Project Description:
Great-Island-Natural-Gas-PipelineMechanical Works associated with the construction of 46 km of 406.4 mm Natural gas pipeline from Baunlusk, Co. Kilkenny to new power station at Great Island Co. Wexford, including modifications to an existing AGI at Baunlusk Co. Kilkenny, a new underground high pressure gas pipeline, an above ground installation at Castlebanny and an above ground installation at the pipeline terminal point at Great Island power station


Project Title: Exhaust Stack Replacement at Brighouse Bay and Beattock Compressor Stations
Project Location(s): Brighouse Bay and Beattock Compressor Stations, Scotland
Contract Duration: 4 months
Year Completed: 2013
Project Description:
Exhaust-StackTo remove and dispose of the existing 7 no. Solar Turbine Exhuast Stacks ( including all associated equipment and lagging ) and replace with new stacks, including for the installation of permanent access stairs, installation of safety railing on roof, lagging, civil works, etc at Beattock & Brighouse Bay Compressor Stations as per BGE scope of work, specifications and procedures


Project Title: Ballynora to Lehenaghmore Gas Pipeline
Project Location(s): Lehenaghmore, Cork
Year Completed: 2008
Project Description:
Ballynora-This project included the fabrication, installation, reinstatement, testing and maintenance of

  • 250mm x 11.91mm steel pipeline
  • 5.88km long, including AGI station at Lehenaghmore
  • Hot Tap & Off Take at Ballynora


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