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Modular creation is an approach that can subdivide a system into different components, and/or create off site stand-alone solutions which can be easily transported and re-located where necessary.

Modular solutions are used to limit on site work and reduce costs, both of which Murjoy has achieved impeccably well throughout its manufacture of each of its modules.Murjoy ensures the modules are manufactured within a controlled environment where project times, quality, safety and all related challenges are manageable.

We also ensure all work carried out is accompanied with full documentation and traceability.


Major Projects Completed


Project Title: CYNR002 – ELP to Diesel Plant 1 – Mechanical Works
Project Location(s): Cynar Plc, Avonmouth, Bristol, United Kingdom
Contract Duration:  6 Months
Year Completed: 2013
Project Description:
Almeria-AOn-site fabrication of pipe work, installation of the modules, equipment, loose pipe spools for Cynar PLC for the new facility in Avonmouth, Bristol, United Kingdom. The facility shall be made up of modules, pipe racks, vendor packages and tank farm.  The modules shall include Pressure Vessels, Piping, Process/ Mechanical In-lines, Structural Steel Frame ,Access Platforms & Ladders.

See below some of the photo sequence from departure in Cork to Installation in Bristol

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